Hard Floor Care: High-Quality Techniques

Hard Floor Maintenance

At John Jarvis Carpets & Flooring, we understand the impact of a well-maintained floor on the appeal of your space. From high traffic areas to the quiet corners, we offer high-quality hard floor care guidance, ensuring your floor always shines with radiance.

Routine Cleaning

Routine cleaning is essential in maintaining the beauty of your hard floors. Using a soft, damp mop or cloth can help keep floors clean, particularly in high traffic areas. Quickly addressing spills can save your floor from unsightly stains and potential water damage.

For those with furry companions, managing pet hair regularly is a crucial element of hard floor care. Regular vacuuming, preferably without a beater bar, helps manage pet hair and avoid scratching or damaging your floors.

The use of steam mops can be effective for certain types of floors. However, their suitability varies, so we advise checking with our experts at John Jarvis Carpets & Flooring before incorporating a steam mop into your cleaning routine.

Cleaning Products

Selecting the right cleaning products is an essential part of floor care. Some cleaning products can unintentionally dull your floor’s finish or leave a residue. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a floor cleaner that is specifically designed for your hard floor type, ensuring clean floors after every use.

At John Jarvis Carpets & Flooring, we view hard floor care as an ongoing commitment rather than a chore.

With regular, high-quality care, your floors, whether in high traffic areas or quieter spots, can maintain their elegance and continue to impress.

Your floor is not just a feature of your home or office — it’s a passion for us. We’re dedicated to helping you provide the best possible care for it. Contact our team today for more expert advice on maintaining the beauty of your hard floors. Let’s work together to ensure your floors consistently reflect your high standards, year after year.