Frequently Asked Questions

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A measure and quote can usually be done within 24 hours. The measure takes no longer than an hour at your home or business.

You will normally receive a written quote within 24 hours.

Usually 1 day, or 2 days for a larger property.

Underlay is a cushioning material commonly installed underneath carpet which adds to its comfort and softness, for residential installations we usually use 10mm or 11mm thick underlay. Underlay is recommended as it prolongs the life of your carpet and prevents wear and tear.

Both of these can be included in your quote.

We can give you a contact for a handyman who will trim your doors at a reasonable cost.

We provide a guarantee on both the carpet or vinyl, and on our installation.

With John Jarvis Carpet & Vinyl, you deal directly with the owners of a long standing carpet supply company, who have been at 233 Church Street for over 14 years. There is an address and an established identity, not simply a salesperson who appears at your doorstep with samples but no history in the industry.

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Cut pile carpet is created when the fibre loops are cut. When the yarn loops are cut, the result is an upright pile (see diagram below) and the ends of the carpet fibre are exposed.

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Carpeting Your Home – What’s The Process?​

First things first – we will come and measure the area required for new carpet, at the same time we can give advice on the type of carpet – eg wool or synthetic; price level and colour, and we’ll bring samples for you to choose from.

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